Writing Services

Write on.

Got an idea, but you don't know where to start?

Need a script or story copyedited, proofread, or reviewed?

Let's work together.

I have taught over 100 students in the past five years.

I have taught Group Workshops and Private Lessons. In addition, I Assistant Directed for the high school devised musical program at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

Five of my plays have received professional production.

Several others have received professional workshop development at various Colorado theatres, including Cherry Creek Theatre Company, Curious Theatre, and NextStage.

Starting at
$5/1,000 words

Starting at
$30/1,000 words

Starting at

Final rates may be negotiated and finalized in-person.

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General business and collaboration inquiries can be e-mailed to:

Make your script bulletproof.

Need a fresh pair of eyes on your script? Whether you need feedback on your narrative, a brainstorming session, or just some basic grammar/vocabulary spruce-ups... I'm your guy!

Bring your ideas to life.

Have an idea for a story, but you've never written before? Want to write something together?
Getting an idea is my least favorite part of the writing process -- but writing the dialogue is another story. Let's work together to create something great.

You receive "story by" credit for both options.

Screenplays and plays only.

Musicals handled on a case-by-case basis.

Take your craft to the next level.

Want one-on-one guidance on the writing process? Are you a teacher looking to bring a fun, upbeat workshop to your students?

My lessons and workshops incorporate physical and mental exercises that disrupt Writer's Block and help blossoming writers of all ages discover their authentic authorial voice.

My lesson plans cultivate these National Art Standards:

1. Theatre: Anchor Standard 1 (Creating): “Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work”; 8a. “Imagine and explore multiple perspectives and solutions to staging problems in a drama/theatre work.”

2. Theatre: Anchor Standard 2 (Creating): “Organize and develop artistic ideas and work”; 5a. “Devise original ideas for a drama/theatre work that reflect collective inquiry about characters and their given circumstances.”

My pedagogy embraces 21st Century Skills:

1. Critical Thinking & Reasoning: Recognizing historical patterns and relationships, and applying that understanding in a creative context.

2. Imagination: Unlocking one's own creative ideas to apply scriptwriting in original and adaptive contexts.

My workshops engage Gardner's Multiple Intelligences:

1. Kinesthetic: Activating bodies to activate minds.

2. Linguistic: Engaging language through verbal and written exercises.