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Clink, Clink

full-length // 2 hours // Romance/Dramedy // LGBTQ+

story by Izzy Chern

90's kids need love stories, too.


Just 7 years old, Elliot and Olivia met in 1994 — an era of pizza rolls, Nickelodeon cartoons, and  Ace of Base. Travel through time as these girls grow up, navigating the blurred lines of love and friendship.


Coming-of-age into their own queer identities, Elle and Olive must come to terms with who they are and where they are going.


Spanning 28 years, Clink, Clink is the love story of a lifetime.

World Premiere: December 9—18, 2022

2¢ Lion Theatre Co.

"Kevin Douglas’ script is excellent. It’s a powerful exploration of a relationship that transcends time ... ultimately it’s a highly relatable love story about how damn complicated human relationships can be. Douglas is writing beyond his years, displaying a level of understanding and appreciation for that reality that’s quite impressive."

- Alex Miller, OnStage CO Review of Clink, Clink

"Douglas’ script, often as funny as it is heartbreaking, explores their love for one another and their opposing views on happiness. Fundamentally, despite their shared queer identities and lifelong friendship, the two women have different visions of what they want in life. "

- Toni Tresca, Boulder Weekly Review of Clink, Clink


one-act // 50 mins // Comedy/Sci-Fi // LGBTQ+

A failing comedy writer, whose only good idea was "stolen" by Yesterday (2019) screenwriter Richard Curtis, wakes up in a parallel universe with the chance to finally write the screenplay of a lifetime... the problem? He can't stop universe-hopping, leaving him stranded in an increasingly strange multiverse.

NOTE: You don't have to know the movie Yesterday (2019) to enjoy this script. You just have to be kind of a phony, sometimes.

World Premiere: June 23—26, 2022

2¢ Lion Theatre Co./Denver Fringe Festival

"A playful, touching, and captivating story performed with feeling and passion. Yesterday/Today has a wonderfully original plotline that has just enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes, and at the same time manages to keep you laughing all the while."
- Jon Michael, Denver Fringe Attendee

""The play was brilliantly written. Creative beyond imagination, fun and mind-bending . . . can't ask for more than that! Congratulations on a riotous, dynamic performance which brought the joy of quaint, small theatre to a crescendo!"
- Joseph, Denver Fringe Attendee

In Loving Memory
(a queer tragicomedy)

one-act // 30 mins // Dark Comedy/Drama // LGBTQ+

Thank you for coming to Mr. Squirrel’s funeral. Andi is so excited to see you. Don’t be concerned if they shakes your hand or lean in for a hug. They could use a friend.

In Loving Memory, an immersive one-act play, invites you to meet Andi, a lonely non-binary teenager who has decided to put on a funeral for some roadkill. Watch as they eulogize, dances, and weep over this poor woodland creature — along the way, coming to terms with their own heart-wrenching home life.

World Premiere: August 23, 2019 at Lon Chaney Theater

Part of Davin Roark's Short Play Festival

Most Recent Production: June 8—11, 2023 at the Denver Fringe Festival

2¢ Lion Theatre Co./Denver Fringe Festival

“It's always a pleasure to read something so original that it really makes you sit up and take notice. 'In Loving Memory' is such a piece in which Kevin Douglas leads us along a path which, at first, appears to be cute and slightly comic, but which leads to high emotion and deeper, darker thoughts. It's very clever and startling. This is a smart and innovative piece of writing.”
- Paul Smith, New Play Exchange

"This goofy piece turns deadly serious and quickly lives up to its headline of 'A Queer Tragicomedy.' ... Volatile dialogue [leads] the character and audience to an emotional summit of epic proportions. His writing is both strong and thought-provoking."
- Eric Fitzgerald, OnStage Colorado

"I went into this experience expecting a silly, over-dramatized version of a child’s service for a deceased pet they never actually knew. There was certainly plenty of that, but it also took an unexpected left turn into a raw and emotional exploration of identity and parental expectations tied to that identity."
- Danielle Look, No Proscenium

We Breed Monsters

full length // 90 mins // Mystery/Crime

How do people become monsters?

A son becomes one of the world's most infamous serial killers. But some believe his final victim was the real mastermind behind his murders. When the story is pitched for a TV adaptation, a killer's parents must revisit this tragedy as they grapple with the sins of their past and present.

Professional Workshop: NextStage Theatre Company, October 2020

First Day

one-act // 10 mins // Dark Comedy // LGBTQ+

In this darkly dry vignette, a young man seduces the priest at his homophobic grandfather's funeral.

Professional Workshop: Curious Theatre Company, January 2023

The Flanagan-Hilton Long Beach Resort

co-authored by Jeremiah Blackman

full-length // 2 hours // Murder Mystery/Comedy

It's Val's first day at the rundown, rebranded Flanagan-Hilton Long Beach Resort. At a place like this, you shouldn't expect the highest level of customer service. But it will be an especially rough stay for one wreckless Elvis impersonator...

In this murder-mystery farce, watch, laugh, and crack the case with a bumbling security guard, a washed-up actor, and someone who may or may not be an alien.

World Premiere: November 7-9, 2019. Green Mountain High School.

Casting Call

one-act // 10 mins // Dark Comedy // LGBTQ+

Martin's a lowly coffee-runner in the Big Apple. Benjamin's a highly underqualified actor who wants to be the next Marlon Brando. Can these star-crossed lovers come together to pull off the impossible: a One-Man Hamlet?

World Premiere: December 8, 2018 at Laughing Pig Theatre

Part of Laughing Pig Theatre's "Shake-Smash! New Play Festival"

Up In the Air

one-act radio play // 10 mins // Dark Comedy

Danica just won an all-access around-the-world trip with her favorite popstar. Jaiden's a journalist trying to make ends meet.

Topher's just here to party.

But this booze-fueled party plane is not what it seems. The destination is ever-changing. Food is running out. We may never touch ground -- and we're yet to see our beloved superstar.

Once this flight of fancy takes off, the question remains: will these party people ever get back to ground-level?

World Premiere: May 1, 2020 with Pandemic Collective

Part of Project Outbreak

Listen here (timestamp: 16:50)

Close Encounters

one-act // 25 mins // Comedy // LGBTQ+

Rick and Stanley live in opposite worlds.

Rick, an outspoken Oklahoman with lots of conspiracy theories, puts his foot in his mouth like it’s nobody’s business.

Stanley, a flamboyant New York artist, runs his Air-BnB a little differently than most hosts.

When these two find themselves to be temporary roommates, they must overcome the miles of difference between them.

World Premiere: October 28, 2017 at Curious Theatre Co. (staged reading)

Part of Curious Theatre's "Uprising! CNV Companion Plays"


one-act // 35 mins // Comedy // LGBTQ+

Barnabas Bundles is just your average Pay-For-Hire Cuddle Buddy. His clientele ranges from exasperated journalists to hotheaded dancers with codependency issues.

When an old flame signs up for his services, Barney must face his past and come to terms with his present.

World Premiere: July 28, 2017 at Curious Theatre Co. (staged reading)

Part of Curious Theatre's "Curious New Voices"


one-act // 15 mins // Dark Comedy/Horror

Noah and Ruffles, two pet bunny rabbits, are left alone when their Masters take a vacation. When the pet-sitter forgets to feed them, these bunnies must fight for their lives against starvation... and insanity. This "true story" is not for the faint of heart.

World Premiere: March 17, 2017 at University of Denver (staged reading)

Winner of DU Drama Ensemble's "Best New & Emerging Works (N.E.W.) Play"


Is This True Love?

short film // 16 mins // Dark Comedy/Rom-com // LGBTQ+

Jeannie Jones is a "hopeless romantic." Facing eviction from her pricey flat, she pursues a new romance with a wealthy woman... but is this true love, or a haphazard effort to cut her rent in half?

Set to premiere at the Raindance Film Festival (June 2024)

The Cinema

Episodic Workplace Comedy // 30 mins // Mockumentary // LGBTQ+

When a haunted small-town cinema faces forclosure, a deflated film student and his misfit co-workers band together to make the theater "go viral" online, winning the hearts (and funds) of film-lovers across the globe.