Is This True Love?

Short film // 16 mins // Dark Comedy/Rom-com // LGBTQ+

Jeannie Jones is a "hopeless romantic." Facing eviction from her pricey flat, she pursues a new romance with a wealthy woman... but is this true love, or a haphazard effort to cut her rent in half?

Set to premiere at the Raindance Film Festival (June 2024)

The Cinema

Episodic workplace comedy // 30 mins // Mockumentary // LGBTQ+

When a haunted small-town cinema faces forclosure, a deflated film student and his misfit co-workers band together to make the theater "go viral" online, winning the hearts (and funds) of film-lovers across the globe.


A Slight Pinch

Short film // 8 mins // Horror

A man's massage takes a grisly turn at the hands of a deranged acupuncturist.

Premiered at Raindance Open Shorts Night (April 2024)

In Loving Memory

Short film // 17 mins // Comedy/Drama

A teenage boy eulogizes the late, great Mr. Squirrel -- and in the process, comes to terms with the tragedy of his broken home.

Premiered at the University of Denver's Virtual Short Play Festival (June 2020)