Kevin Douglas

Actor / Playwright / Teaching Artist

My Story



I am a 24 year-old playwright and actor in Denver, CO. I am a co-founder, executive director and resident playwright of 2¢ Lion Theatre Company, where my award-winning play Yesterday/Today made its world premiere as part of the Denver Fringe Festival.


Onstage, I have performed in roles ranging from Shakespearean meta-musicals (Kiss Me, Kate), to devised clowning in drag (The Secret Paris Project), and everything in-between. Offstage, I have written and co-authored plays that have received professional production in Denver and Phoenix.


I am a queer playwright whose work examines gender, individuality, the performance of self, and other interpersonal themes.

Current Projects

Spanning 1994 to the present, Clink, Clink follows two suburban girls as they grow and navigate the blurred lines of love and friendship in the modern age.

Clink, Clink

December 9—11/17—18, 2022
Arts Education
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2¢ Lion Theatre Co.
I co-founded a theatre company dedicated to accessible arts education! Check out our website to learn more.
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The Cub Club
In collaboration with professional artists and theatre-makers, 2¢ Lion is proud to offer arts-based and arts-integrated workshops for schools and organizations.