Kevin Douglas

Actor / Playwright / Teaching Artist

My Story



I am a 24 year-old playwright and actor in Denver, CO. I am a co-founder, executive director and resident playwright of 2¢ Lion Theatre Company, where my award-winning play Yesterday/Today made its world premiere as part of the Denver Fringe Festival.


Onstage, I have performed in roles ranging from Shakespearean meta-musicals (Kiss Me, Kate), to devised clowning in drag (The Secret Paris Project), and everything in-between. Offstage, I have written and co-authored plays that have received professional production in Denver and Phoenix.


I am a queer playwright whose work examines gender, individuality, the performance of self, and other interpersonal themes.

Current Projects

Because 90's kids need love stories, too.

Untitled 2¢ Lion Production

December 2022
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Arts Education
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2¢ Lion Theatre Co.
I co-founded a theatre company dedicated to accessible arts education! Check out our website to learn more.
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The Cub Club
In collaboration with professional artists and theatre-makers, 2¢ Lion is proud to offer arts-based and arts-integrated workshops for schools and organizations.