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The Flanagan-Hilton Long Beach Resort

It's Val's first day at the rundown, rebranded Flanagan-Hilton Long Beach Resort. At a place like this, you shouldn't expect the highest level of customer service. But it'll be an especially rough stay for one wreckless Elvis impersonator...

In this murder-mystery farce, watch, laugh, crack the case with a bumbling security guard, a washed-up actor, and someone who may or may not be an alien.

Co-authored by Jeremiah Blackman.

World Premiere: November 7, 2019. Green Mountain High School.

Casting Call (ten-minute)

Martin's a lowly coffee-runner in the Big Apple. Benjamin's a highly underqualified actor who wants to be the next Marlon Brando. Can these star-crossed lovers come together to pull off the impossible: a One-Man Hamlet?

World Premiere: December 8, 2018 at Laughing Pig Theatre

Part of Laughing Pig's "Shake-Smash! New Play Festival"

In Loving Memory


Thank you for coming to Mr. Squirrel’s funeral. Andrew’s so excited to see you. Don’t be concerned if he shakes your hand or leans in for a hug. That’s just the kind of kid he is.

“In Loving Memory” invites you to meet Andrew, a lonely teenager who has decided to put on a funeral for some roadkill. Watch as he eulogizes, dances, and weeps over this poor woodland creature — along the way, coming to terms with his own heart-wrenching home life.

World Premiere: August 23, 2019 at Lon Chaney Theater

Part of Davin Roark's Short Play Festival

Up In the Air

(ten-minute radio play)

Danica just won an all-access around-the-world trip with her favorite popstar. Jaiden's a journalist trying to make ends meet.

Topher's just here to party.

But this booze-fueled party plane is not what it seems. The destination is ever-changing. Food is running out. We may never touch ground -- and we're yet to see our beloved superstar.

Once this flight of fancy takes off, the question remains: will these party people ever get back to ground-level?

World Premiere: May 1, 2020 with Pandemic Collective

Part of Project Outbreak

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Close Encounters


Rick and Stanley live in opposite worlds.


Rick, an outspoken Oklahoman with lots of conspiracy theories, puts his foot in his mouth like it’s nobody’s business.


Stanley, a flamboyant New York artist, runs his Air-BnB a little differently than most hosts.


When these two find themselves to be temporary roommates, they must overcome the miles of difference between them.

World Premiere: July 28, 2017 at Curious Theatre Co. (staged reading)

Part of Curious Theatre's "Uprising! CNV Companion Plays"



Barnabas Bundles is just your average Pay-For-Hire Cuddle Buddy. His clientele range from exasperated journalists to hotheaded dancers with codependency issues.


When an old flame signs up for his services, Barney must face his past and come to terms with his present.

World Premiere: July 28, 2017 at Curious Theatre Co. (staged reading)

Part of Curious Theatre's "Curious New Voices"

We Breed Monsters

Rudolph Glass, a.k.a. “The Florist,” is one of the world's most infamous serial killers. His popularity is largely due to the mysterious fate of Jennifer Brooks, a childhood friend who was his final victim... and, some believe, the mastermind behind his killings.

Eight years after Jennifer’s death and Rudy's conviction, both sets of parents have done what they can to move on. This is turned upside down when they learn Rudy and Jennifer's story is being turned into a TV drama.

With the new show, Jennifer's parents try to rewrite the narrative surrounding her death. Rudy's parents must confront their own demons in the wake of their son's resurfacing popularity. As their personal tragedy is turned into public entertainment, the Brooks and the Glasses must consider their roles in the sins of their children.