• Kevin Douglas

Super Secret Blog Post

Pssst. Don't freak out -- everything is okay!

I figured it's been long enough, and I'm not quite tired enough to sleep, so I'm writing these things down to manifest them/to hold myself accountable:

  • I AM going to finish the screenplay I've been procrastinating

  • 2¢ Lion is BACK with a new winter production; stay tuned for details :)

  • I'm a live-in caregiver now! While I write and work remote, I also look after and mentor a pretty awesome dude.

Alrighty -- that's all. I'd like to get back in the habit of writing these, but you know how it goes.

Right now, I'm trying to submit scripts around and find some kind of representation. I'm also looking to move, immerse myself more fully in film/tv opportunities. If you know anyone looking for a writing collaborator, or even just a studio in need of a PA or an intern... I'm interested!

Take deep breaths. Drink lots of water. Love yourselves. ❤️

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