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SPELLCHECK: Season 2 Premiere Party

Updated: Jan 7

Join the party via Instagram Live on Saturday, January 15 at 7 pm MT.

Yesterday and Today’s ”Something” is extra special to me. If you didn’t know, I host a casual spelling bee podcast called Spellcheck: Spelling Bee. Part game show, part talk show, it was one of my favorite parts of 2020. I’ve struggled to get back in the routine, but I am excited to say we have a big event planned next Saturday to ring in the return of this show.

Instead of pre-recording and editing a polished episode, we are going to do a livestreamed WORLD PREMIERE to ring in a new season of Spellcheck. The episode will be like no other, with new rules, a (bigger) live studio audience, and special guests joining the Instagram Live to spell their own words.

If you want to take part, tune in next Saturday! Anyone can request to join the Instagram Live feed, and there will even be chances for audience members to spell tougher words for small cash prizes. It is going to be extra special and exciting, and I cannot wait to share more as details are finalized.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates, and send me a DM on the app if you have any questions or ideas! I hope to see you all there :)

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