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Questions I Think About Sometimes

Yes, yes, I've already started slacking on my New Year's resolution of writing every day. But that hasn't stopped me from letting my mind keep running its daily race, and even though these thoughts haven't been put in writing yet, I can still feel my creative juices flowing! (Thanks for bearing with my semi-sober New Year's haiku 😅)

I often find myself asking questions big and small, profound and benign, dorky and dull, so on and so forth. I figured I would list some of them here. Do you wonder these things, too? Can you answer them for me? Maybe I'm too lazy to look into it myself, or maybe they are just so subjective we can never really know the answers. But I figure there's no better place to pose these questions than here, among my strange little "somethings."

  1. Where did "New Year's Resolutions" come from? When did we decide the end of the year was the ideal time for a reset/shift for our habits, rather than something like the summer equinox, or our birthdays?

  2. Does Michael Keaton feel like he betrayed the whole point of the movie Birdman by playing The Vulture in Spider-man: Homecoming? Did he do it for the money, or to be ironic, or neither (or both)?

  3. Should I shave my beard into a mustache? Is the 'stache really making a comeback, or are we all lying to ourselves because we're bored?

  4. Why are people so stubborn?

  5. Can we really separate the art from the artist? By supporting/consuming art from people we find despicable, are we excusing their behavior? Are we making a moral decision? Can the power of art stand alone as its own being, or are we being ignorant to think so?

  6. How do artists depict despicable things without appearing to endorse/romanticize them? How much should an audience be spoon-fed the message/moral? If a story is misconstrued/misappropriated to justify immoral acts (think Catcher in the Rye/Mark David Chapman, or Joker/Taxi Driver and the romanticized "lone wolf" character), how responsible is the artist? Is there still a place for these stories, even when we know they can do harm?

  7. Why are libraries free, but other services so costly?

  8. How can we have billionaires, when there are thousands of people dying on the street? How can there be so much human suffering right in front of our eyes, but we can ignore it/be numb to it/continue to hoard what we have when the smallest gift to others can make the biggest difference?

  9. How do people like olives? Are they lying to the rest of us?

  10. Why did they make a second Paul Blart movie, but didn't bother to put any effort into it?

  11. Is "Deepfake"/CGI technology really going to bring back dead actors and put them into movies with living actors? Isn't that more expensive and time-consuming than just discovering a new actor with the same charm and energy, or even hiring a current A-Lister that could do just as good a job?

  12. Why do people look so wildly different without eyebrows?

What answers do ya have for me? What questions do you have? I feel like I don't have many actual conversations anymore, and I would love to actually hear your thoughts.

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