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Music I’ve been enjoying

I have been trying to expand the music I listen to, and I gotta say — it is one of the most life-affirming things you can do. It is amazing to see and hear what other people are capable of creating. Listening to good music as you go for a walk or drive is exciting! It reminds you that there is such a wide breadth of creativity out there, and you yourself can create something that could find an audience. That could be music, or writing, or film, or crocheting and selling on Etsy — the possibilities are endless.

I wanted to share what I’ve been listening to, and I’m also looking for recommendations. Feel free to share what inspires you, even if it’s not music!

  • “Winter” and “Cosmos” by Yabadum. Both are from the album Careful Kid, which is a great listen while driving.

  • “Done With Those Days” and “Love Letters” by DeVotchKa. Both are from the 2018 This Night Falls Forever, which I don’t love in its entirety, but is pretty good overall.

  • “Somebody Made For Me” by Emitt Rhodes. I had never heard of him before it popped up on my Spotify radio, but I really like this one!

  • “Blood and Rockets: Movement I, Saga of Jack Parsons” and “Amethyst Realm” by The Claypool Lennon Delirium. I only learned about Les Claypool recently (the bassist of Primus), and I didn’t even know Sean Ono Lennon (John Lennon’s son) made music — but these songs are especially atmospheric and moody.

  • The album Pure Comedy by Father John Misty. I’ve always liked this album, and I think his lyrics are interesting and beautiful, if not kind of cheesy.

  • The album Songs of Her’s by Her’s. It is a tragedy this British duo died in a car accident in 2019 — but they made two wonderful albums before that, and their music always makes me smile.

  • The album The Future by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats. Great musicians with an electric frontman (I saw them in concert this December!), I especially loved the songs “Survivor,” “Face Down in the Moment,” and “Baby I Got Your Number”

  • The album CLPPNG by clipping. Described as “horror rap,” I wasn’t a huge fan of clipping‘s music when I first heard it, but it has grown on me — its intense, energizing, and totally unique and atmospheric. You’ll recognize the voice of Daveed Diggs, especially if you’ve ever listened to Hamilton (he played Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson in the original Broadway cast). My favorites on this album are “Work Work,” “Summertime,” and “Story 2.” (If you are looking for a new song to wake up to, check out “Get Up” as well!)

  • Anything from the show euphoria. I shuffle songs on the playlist, though the original music Labrinth makes for the show is especially good. Check out “All For Us” which features Zendaya, “Mount Everest” by Labrinth, and “Work” by Charlotte Day Wilson.

Thanks for reading, and for your recommendations. You can follow me on Spotify if you want to check out other stuff on my playlists. :)

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