Image by Henry Desro

No matter what I do, it always goes back to Theatre for me. It's where I found myself, and no matter what I do, it will always be where my passions lie.

But that doesn't mean it's all I do! In fact, I've been up to quite a lot offstage.


I'm in the midst of completing a one-year track at grad school -- specifically, I am pursuing a Master of Science in Management, with a concentration in Nonprofit Leadership. With a master's degree from the Daniels College of Business, I hope to integrate my creative background and leadership experience with practical business knowhow.

Creative Writing

Four of my short stories have been published in literary magazines:

Foothills Visual & Textual Magazine:

Blacklist Magazine:

  • "The Taxidermist's Wife" (2018)

In addition, I am a Reader for Denver Quarterly. The literary magazine introduced a Performance category in 2019, and I am responsible for adjudicating submissions among others on the editorial team. At the time of my appointment in November of 2019, I was the only undergraduate student on the masthead.


For the first half of 2020, I worked as a remote intern for Phi Beta Kappa's online newsletter The Key Reporter. I conducted interviews and extensive research on five articles, all of which were published on The Key Reporter's website.