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Virtual Theatre

As the world reopens, it's hard to know how we're "supposed" to feel. We can't seem to agree on anything, and sometimes, the world just feels broken beyond repair.


In times of uncertainty like this, we’re all turning to various kinds of storytelling: books, movies, and finally, back to the theater.

Theatremakers are hard at work, developing projects to engage the community and celebrate artistry as we navigate our way back to the stage. While much of my recent work has been limited to virtual spaces, I have exciting developments on the horizon... for now, here's what I've gotten up to over the last year or so!

We Breed Monsters

September 23, 2020 || 6:30 PM Mountain

How do people become monsters?


A son becomes one of the world's most infamous serial killers. But some believe his final victim was the real mastermind behind his killings. When their story is pitched for a TV adaptation, two families must revisit this tragedy as they grapple with the sins of their children.

Virtual Reading directed by Jessica Swanson

NextStage Theatre Co.

Missed it? Watch here!

In Loving Memory

May 29, 2020 || 7:30 PM Mountain


We hope you'll join us and tune into Mr. Squirrel’s funeral. Andrew’s worked so hard to put it together.

“In Loving Memory” invites you to meet Andrew, a lonely teenager who has decided to put on a funeral for some roadkill. Watch as he eulogizes, dances, and weeps over this poor woodland creature — along the way, coming to terms with his own heart-wrenching home life.

Written and directed by Kevin Douglas.

Part of the University of Denver's Senior Capstone Productions

Missed it? Watch here!

Up In the Air

(ten-minute radio play)

Danica just won an all-access around-the-world trip with her favorite popstar. Jaiden's a journalist trying to make ends meet.

Topher's just here to party.

But this booze-fueled party plane is not what it seems. The destination is ever-changing. Food is running out. We may never touch ground -- and we're yet to see our beloved superstar.

Once this flight of fancy takes off, the question remains: will these party people ever get back to ground-level?

World Premiere: May 1, 2020 with Pandemic Collective

Part of Project Outbreak

Missed it? Listen here!