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2¢ Lion Theatre Company

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I have finally put my money where my mouth is. In January 2022, Izzy Chern, Gracie Jacobson & I have co-founded the 2¢ Lion Theatre Company here in Denver, CO. As producer and resident playwright of the company, I hope to fuse my business knowhow and creative experience into this new venture.

Our first production will be the world premiere of my play Yesterday, Today. The play will debut in June 2022. Details forthcoming. Stay tuned...


Robert is a writer. Or, well, he wants to be. He's only ever had one good idea, and before he could write it, someone else did. His sci-fi comedy about a parallel universe where The Beatles don't exist... got snatched up by Richard Curtis in 2019 with the movie "Yesterday."

What Robert doesn't know is that he is in for a universe-hopping adventure of his own...

When he finds himself in a parallel universe, he has the chance to write the script that was "stolen" from him. Except... he can't stop teleporting to new dimensions. This upbeat 3-person romcom pokes fun at pipedreams, procrastination, and the phoniness inside us all.